Limit Texas Holdem Poker

by Gaige on January 31st, 2010

[ English ]

Limit holdem Poker is the most beloved variation of texas holdem poker, drawing many novice poker players. The reason it is so well-known is because the betting is not too aggressive. The stakes are not big due to the fact that the wagering is limited, you can easily compete with very little money.

If you are wagering at a 50c/$1 Limit hold’em Poker table, the wagering will be constrained to increments of 50 cents during the pre-flop and flop, and one dollar on the Turn and River rounds.

In Limit poker rooms the best poker hand most often wins, due to the fact that players are more likely to stay in the hand and force a showdown. If you were playing in a No Limit Poker Room players are more likely to drop out before the turn or river, than chance blowing a huge part of their stack.

Tricking in Limit games is not very common, because it is not very exorbitant for your opposition to call if he/she suspects that you are trying to bluff her.

If you are gambling at a lower-limit table and you are handed a great hand you should attempt to maintain as many players in the game as possible. Attempt checking if you are one of the initial to place a wager, this should trick most bettors into believing your cards are weak.

The key is to lure as many bets away from your competitors without revealing that you’re in a powerful spot.

In low-limit poker games you should keep a lookout for pre-flop hands that are no less than nines or higher pair, or 2 high rank unpaired cards.

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